Sep 20 2012 | by Dr. Lynda Torrey


Oct 5 2020 | by Dr. Lynda Torrey

Do you ever wonder why some people rarely seem to “catch” a cold or flu during this season or any other season, for that matter?  I know I do! 

Jun 3 2020 | by Leanna Paul, Content Manager for The Woodhouse Day Spas

It seems like an eternity ago when most of us made New Year’s resolutions to focus on our health and wellness. Perhaps you were planning on spending more time at the gym, or setting a goal towards better sleep habits.  Whatever your goal was, it probably got derailed in the midst of this 2020 storm.  We want to issue a challenge for you to ‘re-set’ those goals, with wellness in mind!  

Nov 19 2018 | by Alla Shapiro. Owner - The Woodhouse Day Spa - Monclair & Red Bank

Regardless if it is a Birthday, Mother’s Day, Chanukah or Christmas, it is often hard to come up with meaningful gifts for our friends and family.  For many years, I was giving monetary gift cards to my hard to please pips.  The problem with that is that it is something they spend and forget about.  On the other hand, giving a present can also be problematic as many people already have similar things or have a different taste; that is hard to cater to.

Jan 19 2015 | by

Habits influence how we live our lives. As New York Times writer Charles Duhigg explains in his recent book The Power of Habit, habits are essentially patterns that help shape every aspect of our lives. As we know, some habits can be good for us, such as exercising, while other habits can be detrimental to our health, such as smoking.

So, we understand the importance of habits in our daily lives, what are the good habits we need to focus on to maintain our heart health?

Dec 2 2014 | by Lynda Torrey, D.Ay, MTI, RMT, LE

We are aware that we all need stress relief during this season of frantic activity and how much it can free us of anxiety for a more joyous and harmonious holiday, so why not give the gift of relaxation and wellness to your loved ones and business associates? There are many spa packages that create a Holiday Retreat and combine massage, facial and pedicure.

Jul 15 2014 | by

Summer is here - and it is hot!  In between running children to camps and cooling off at the pool, we hope that you are taking time for yourself during this busy season.  Of course, a visit to The Woodhouse Day Spa is a great way to start!  Or better yet, purchase a series during the summer months to maintain a beautiful pedicure.  We are always ready to help you relax!

May 7 2014 | by Larissa Tater

My friend’s birthday is coming up soon, and her wonderful husband has reached out to all of her friends to get together and celebrate over sushi and karaoke. As you might expect, there were many takers. A few folks were out of town and sent their regrets, but for the most part, her friends have rallied to support her on her special day. Except for one. Because it’s Draft Day.

Apr 10 2014 | by Larissa Tater

Stress and taxes are legitimately linked, so much so that researchers have found a 6% increase in fatal auto accidents on the day federal taxes are due. The culprit? Stress.

Try these five tips to reduce your stress before you hit the road on Tax Day.

Mar 27 2014 | by Larissa Tater

Fad diets have been around since at least the early 1800’s, when the vinegar and water diet was all the rage. These diets typically tell us what we “should” be eating to stay healthy while restricting vital nutrients. However, most whole, natural foods (we’re not talking about processed foods or any “meal-in-a-box”), no matter how demonized, has beneficial effects for our bodies. Below, you’ll find five foods that have a bad rap but good qualities.



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