Now Hiring Our Spa Team!


The Woodhouse Day Spa of Greenville is now hiring! 

The atmosphere is elegant. The ambiance is relaxed. The service is spectacular. 

At The Woodhouse, the “why” of what we do drives us. It is the reason we do what we do and it is what makes us get out of bed every day. Our “why” is simple: to create exceptional experiences. These experiences are not just created for the benefit of our guests, but also for our team members, vendors, business partners, and even our friends, families and loved ones.

Life can get stressful and we want to send our guests on their way feeling as if they have reclaimed a piece of themselves. Providing a safe, relaxing, luxurious environment for our guests to escape their everyday stressors is at the heart of what we do. It is how we create those exceptional experiences. No matter what happens before their experience with us, every guest should leave happy, refreshed...and with a great story to tell.

Although we are here to be of service to our guests, we also believe in creating an exceptional experience for our team, and for them to create an exceptional experience for each other. Creating a positive, respectful, and professional environment is part of our team culture and is critically important.

If you would like to apply, please email your resume to



Nail Technicians are responsible for performing hand and foot treatments and to ensure that their expectations are exceeded.

Massage Therapists are responsible for performing massage therapy, body treatments, and East-Meets-West treatments to guest, and to ensure that their expectations are exceeded. 

Spa Concierge duties include daily organization and management of spa schedule, guest experience and team workflow. We ae looking for individuals who have outstanding hospitality, organizational, computer and communication skills.

If you would like to apply, please email your resume to

Thank You, 

The Woodhouse Day Spa®